Who’s Authentic Pilates for?

Pilates is for everybody.
Keeping proper body alignment, you will gain muscle strain,flexibility and better equilibrium.

Who’s Gaia?

Gaia Faggiani is a 2nd generation classical Pilates teacher.
After a classical dancer career, she studied the method with the direct Joe Pilates heir, Romana Kryzanowska, with Jay Grimes, and many others among the most valid and accredited teachers in the world.

Gaia Faggiani Pilates Roma Trastevere
Gaia Faggiani

We create a tailor made strategy,


To gain results together.


Classical Pilates in Rome.

We create a tailor made strategy, to gain results together. Classical Pilates in Rome. Our studio is fully and solely equipped with the original’s apparatus factory Gratz Ind.

What they say about Us.

Gaia is working only with Gratz equipments, the original ones manufactured originally by Gratz, a Joe Pilates friend. This is the best way to workout in Pilates.

I loved the flow of the exercises, Gaia’s instructions are very  accurate and my body was instantly getting in the right position. Beautiful experience!


Dina P.

Gaia is n. One! Excellent professional, attentive and precise, very determined in making you aware of your body and in sharing this method, she is also a very nice person, and this makes the lesson even better.


Elena C

I had been looking for a professional and sensitive Pilates trainer for some time and I found her with Gaia, a very talented and experienced teacher, very focused on each individual  student during the lesson, and at the same time able to create a familiar atmosphere that makes the effort even pleasant.


Francesca C.

Book your Pilates Session.

The first meeting at the studio foresee an interview, a postural test, if needed, and a short session (Duration 55 min).